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The current trend is to bring out ever more expensive and complex systems. Something that is audaciously called "progress". Our engineers have a rather more noble goal. We prefer   improvement.  This is achieved by taking the newly created technology of today and reducing it to the simplicity of yesterday.

This is the very aim of ADB engineering. We develop high technology equipment whose quality is in a class of its own, but which is also easy to use, reliable and economic.

In the first place our objectives originate from the clear vision of our engineers. Not only do they keep abreast of the technology of today, but they also keep the needs of the consumer in mind. Consumers want quality of course, and comfort plays an important role in this respect. Comfort, or in other words: ease of use, reliability, and flexibility. Something our people know all about.

Each and every one of our products is a high technology tour de force. And a great deal of precision work goes into them. A mind for  details and  accuracy  are concepts that we embrace at ADB.

"Making the Difficult easy"

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Een twee-draads naar vier-draads deurparlofoon interface, aan te sluiten op een telefooncentrale.


Een module, op afstand bediend per telefoon of GSM, die elektrische apparaten kan in- en uitschakelen.


Een interactieve deurparlofoon interface, aan te sluiten op een telefoonlijn of een telefooncentrale


Een vermogenrelais dat het belsignaal volgt en gelijk welk elektrisch toestel kan schakelen.


EasyCross de meest complete digitale telefooncentrale voor traditionele telefoonlijnen !

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